My Bambi Luxury Waterproof Protector

Protect your mattress with this luxury waterproof mattress protector.

Made from a micro-thin, stretch- knit Tencel fabric. Bonded onto a whisper-quiet, waterproof backing which continues up all sides.

Ideal for every age and condition. With full side protection this mattress protector is the most comfortable, luxurious and convenient protector available.

Ideal for asthma and eczema sufferers alike.

This is the ultimate in single-layer protectors.


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • Silky smooth, incredibly soft
  • Naturally low allergen.
  • Waterproof, repels liquids, resistant to mould and bacteria
  • Dust mite barrier
  • Breathable and hygienic
  • Sensitive skin friendly
  • Asthma and allergy friendly
  • Non-crinkle
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Machine washable

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