Tencel Sheet Sets – Eco Touch Split King


The Tencel® Eco Touch Sheet Set is made from the most luxuriously soft new age fibre, Tencel®. Compared to cotton, Tencel® has 50% more moisture wicking properties, is naturally asthma and allergy-friendly and is both eco-friendly and biodegradable – making it as soft on your skin as it is on the planet. Available in 5 colour options and 9 different sizes, the 375 thread count ensures you enjoy a superb, breathable sleep experience night after night.

plant leaves icon 100% pure Tencel® anti allergy icon Asthma & allergy-friendly N/A 9 size options wind icon 5 colour choices plant in circle icon Biodegradable & eco-friendly Butterfly icon Sensitive Choice washing machine icon Machine washable

A Tencel Sheet is the most comfortable, softest and luxurious sheet on the market. Tencel sheets are made from Eucalyptus Pulp and they are incredibly environmentally friendly. Eucalyptus trees do not need farm grade land to prosper, use 20% of the water that cotton requires and the yield per acre is up to ten times higher than cotton.

Eucalyptus requires no irrigation, pesticides, fertilizers or gene manipulation. Tencel sheet wicks (attracts) 50% more moisture than cotton and has excellent cooling properties. This wicking property allows the moisture to be absorbed and spread out quickly, which dries quickly and leaves you much cooler than cotton.

Being only 375 thread count but softer than 1,000 thread count cotton, the sheets breath better, again making you more comfortable all night long.

Bacteria are 200 times less likely to flourish on Tencel sheet than on cotton. 2,000 times less likely than on synthetic fibers.

Because Tencel is 100% natural, a Tencel sheet is soft, supple, durable and flexible. Tencel bedding products are odourless, pre-shrunk and easy care (simply machine wash and tumble dry on low heat). When washing there is no need for fabric softener or whiting agents.

Tencel® is a sustainable botanic fibre that requires 10 times less water to produce than cotton. With a satin-like drape and natural antibacterial properties, it is ideal for those with sensitive skin looking for a high-quality, luxurious sheet set available in 5 classic colours.

The Bambi Tencel® Touch Sheet Set is available in a variety of sizes and combinations – making it easier for you to choose exactly what you want for your bed.

Product Category

plant leaves icon100% pure Tencel®

anti allergy iconAsthma & allergy-friendly

N/A9 size options

wind icon5 colour choices

plant in circle iconBiodegradable & eco-friendly

Butterfly iconSensitive Choice

washing machine iconMachine washable

Dimensions N/A

Double, King, King Single, Long Double, Long Single, Queen, Single, Split King, Split Super King, Super King


Blush, Graphite, Linen, Silver, White


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