Dreamotion 3200 & Cloud Tech Mattress Combination


Introducing the Dreamotion 3200 Adjustable Base: Elevate Your Sleep Experience


Are you ready to experience the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and luxury? Look no further than the Dreamotion 3200 Adjustable Base paired with the Cloud Tech Mattress. The 3200 Combo. This dynamic duo is designed to revolutionize the way you sleep, providing unparalleled support, customization, and relaxation. Let’s dive into what makes the Dreamotion 3200 Adjustable Base and Cloud Tech Mattress combination the perfect choice for your sleep sanctuary.

Dreamotion 3200 Adjustable Base: Power and Practicality

The Dreamotion 3200 Adjustable Base is more than just a bed frame – it’s a gateway to a world of customizable comfort. Boasting a range of advanced features, this adjustable base is designed to cater to your unique sleep preferences and needs.

One of the standout features of the Dreamotion 3200 is its versatility. It can be easily incorporated to sit flat on most existing bases, allowing for seamless integration into your bedroom setup. Plus, with a 10-year warranty, you can rest assured knowing that your investment is protected for years to come.

Experience weightlessness with the zero gravity setting, which mimics the sensation of floating in space, relieving pressure points and promoting relaxation. With two programmable pre-set buttons, finding your perfect sleep position is as easy as the touch of a button. And when it’s time to wake up, simply press the one-touch flat pre-set button to return to a neutral position effortlessly.

Equipped with a built-in flashlight, the Dreamotion 3200 ensures convenience and safety, allowing you to navigate your bedroom with ease, even in the dark. Dual motors power head and foot adjustments, providing smooth and quiet operation for a truly restful sleep experience.

Control your sleep environment with precision using the wireless remote, featuring nine buttons for intuitive and effortless adjustments. Customize the height of your bed with 3-in-1 height adjustable legs, offering flexibility and versatility to suit your preferences.

Assembly is a breeze with the Dreamotion 3200, requiring minimal effort and time. Within no time, you’ll have your new adjustable base set up and ready to enjoy. Plus, with a flat profile of 10cm and the ability to adjust up to 33cm on legs (plus mattress), you can customize the height of your bed to suit your needs and preferences.

Cloud Tech Mattress: Luxury Redefined

Paired perfectly with the Dreamotion 3200 Adjustable Base is the Cloud Tech Mattress, the epitome of comfort and support. Crafted with care and precision, this mattress is designed to provide the ultimate sleep experience.

Featuring full-sized pocket springs, the Cloud Tech Mattress offers exceptional support across the entire sleep surface, ensuring optimal comfort and alignment. Natural Australian wool quilting provides a breathable and hypoallergenic sleep surface, making it ideal for allergy sufferers, including those with asthma and eczema.

Experience the perfect balance of comfort and temperature control with gel-infused memory foam, which regulates heat to keep you cool and comfortable all year round. Plus, with a ten-year Australian warranty and completely Australian made and manufactured, you can rest easy knowing that your mattress is built to last.

Conclusion: Upgrade Your Sleep Experience Today

In conclusion, the Dreamotion 3200 Adjustable Base paired with the Cloud Tech Mattress offers the ultimate combination of comfort, convenience, and luxury. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to a new era of sleep, where every night is a dream come true. Upgrade your sleep experience today and unlock the ultimate in comfort and support with the Dreamotion 3200 and Cloud Tech Mattress combination. Buy with confidence and experience the difference for yourself.

– Dreamotion 3200 Adjustable Base:

– Easily incorporated to sit flat on most existing bases
– 10-year warranty for peace of mind
– Zero gravity setting for weightlessness and relaxation
– 2 programmable pre-set buttons for personalized comfort
– Built-in flashlight for convenience and safety
– Dual motors for smooth head and foot adjustments
– Wireless remote with 9 buttons for intuitive control
– 3-in-1 height adjustable legs for flexibility
– Easy assembly with minimal effort required
– Adjustable height from 10cm flat profile to 33cm on legs (plus mattress)

– Cloud Tech Mattress:

– 10-year Australian warranty for durability
– Full-sized pocket springs for optimal support
– Natural Australian wool quilting for breathability and hypoallergenic properties
– Gel-infused memory foam for ideal temperature control
– Completely Australian made and manufactured for quality assurance

Upgrade your sleep experience today with the Dreamotion 3200 Adjustable Base and Cloud Tech Mattress combination. Enjoy personalized comfort, superior support, and unparalleled luxury every night. Buy with confidence and transform your bedroom into a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation.

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Double, King Single, Long Single, Queen, Split King, Split Super King


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