AH Beard Refresh Adjustable Base and Mattress Choice


AH Beard know that a perfect day starts with a perfect night’s sleep.
A bedroom is more than a place to sleep, it is a retreat. With an AH Beard Refresh Adjustable Base, it becomes the ultimate sanctuary.

Good sleep can affect many aspects of your life, from health and stress to mood and memory.

The added benefits you experience from an adjustable base will make it well worth the investment

An AH Beard Refresh Adjustable base may assist with the following: 

Provide ergonomically correct positioning during sleep.

Support the natural curvature of the spine.

Customize support for your body to evenly distribute pressure.

Relieve muscle and joint pain.

Alleviate strain on the heart through improved circulation.

The ultimate sleep can be found in the AH Beard Enrich Adjustable bed which features head and foot movement, making getting in and out of bed much easier.

With two pre-set options each allows for individual pressure relief and support.

Personalise your own individual position with the memory button.

Sleep better and deeper with a built-in, multi-option massage and set your timer to suit.

With USB charging ports on hand that allow for practical and easy appliance charging.

Key Features
  • Control the height of the bed with this robust 340kg capacity lift function to assisting with movement in and out of bed.
  • With two preset positions, including flat, Zero G
  • A wireless remote makes control of your sleep system so much easier.
  • Soft floor lighting gives you plenty of light to see at night without waking you too much.
  • Optional Caster Wheels are incredibly convenient to move your bed around for cleaning and linen changes.
  • Available in all sizes; Long Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King, Split King and Split Super King sizes.


All Prices Include Your Choice Of Ultra Firm, Firm, Medium Or Plush Mattress
AH Beard Refresh Adjustable Base

Head and Foot Articulation

Wireless remote & Flashlight

Flat & Zero Gravity Pre Set Positions

Mattress Clip locks & Retainer Bars

Headboard Compatible

Height Adjustable Legs 10cm/22.5cm

Weight Limit: 340kg Per Base

10 Year Guarantee

AH Beard Jackson Mattress :

Damask Fabric, Wool/ Silk Fibre Layer, Climalux: Quilt, Foam & 3D, Micro Comfort Coils, Gel Infused Memory Foam, Comfort Foams, Conforma VRS 5 Zone Support System 

AH Beard Pierce Mattress :

Wool/ Silk Fibre Layer, Climalux: Quilt & Foam, Gel Infused Memory Foam, Comfort Foams, Conforma VRS 5 Zone Support System, Performa Edge Support 

AH Beard Clark Mattress :

Wool/ Ultraloft Fibre Layer, Climalux Quilt, Gel Infused Memory Foam, Comfort Foams, Conforma Coil 5 Zone Support System, Performa Edge Support 

AH Beard Perry Mattress:

Wool/ Ultraloft Fibre Layer, Climalux: Quilt, Comfort Foams, Conforma Coil 3 Zone Support System, Performa Edge Support 

AH Beard Fraser Mattress :

Climalux: Quilt, Comfort Foams, Conforma Coil Support System, Performa Edge Support 

Dimensions N/A

Domino Clark Mattress, Domino Fraser Mattress, Domino Jackson, Domino Perry Mattress, Domino Pierce Mattress


Double, King, King Single, Long Single, Queen, Split King, Split Super King


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